When will you ship my order?

 A: We politely ask that you please don't email us regarding this question unless you didn't receive your order within the stated timeframes on the website (April & May). We absolutely understand your excitement to receive your box of goodies! However, we get this question so incredibly often while we are packing orders that it slows us down - which slows down how quickly we can pull & ship orders. Our shipping timeframes are entirely dependent on Mother Nature here in SW Michigan and it often takes us a few weeks to pull all of the orders. We are unable to ship on demand, even if you are inclined to think that harassing us will make us ship to you first - it won't. We do not want to risk your tubers or cuttings being damaged by extreme temperatures. You will receive an order notification and tracking number via email when your order ships. If you have travel plans or another issue that needs to be taken into consideration before we ship your order, by all means, contact us and we will accommodate you if possible (unless you're requesting that we ship early or in bad weather). If there is a shipping delay for any reason, we will let you know via email. Early Access Memberships have an option for early shipping with insulation and heat packs. This is ONLY available to the Early Access Members, and ONLY for tubers, because we cannot accommodate many early shipments before April due to other farm duties during that time. If you are a member and have opted for early shipping, your tuber orders will start shipping in March *IF* temperatures are consistently at least 35 degrees. Cuttings are not eligible for early shipping.