What is your protocol for Leafy and/or Crown Gall?

A: We follow the same sanitation practices as outlined in our virus protocol with every single plant. If we see any signs of Leafy Gall or Crown Gall, those plants are immediately bagged in plastic and put into the trash (not compost). Fortunately, we have had very few instances of gall on our farm. Gall can take months to years to show up, and is nearly impossible to detect where it came from. We cannot guarantee that your tubers/cuttings from us will never get gall, because the bacteria could already be in your soil or nearby plants. However, if for some reason before you plant your tubers from us, they show any signs of gall, please reach out to us. We will double check our stock and if our stock of that particular variety has also developed symptoms of gall (that we previously didn't detect), we will refund you.